Sperm Antibodies ELISA kit

55R-IB79154 Fitzgerald 96 wells

Sperm Antibodies ELISA kit

55R-IB79155 Fitzgerald 96 wells

Sperm Antibodies ELISA kit

55R-IB79156 Fitzgerald 96 wells

Anti-Bovine HMGB1 IgG Antibodies

7028 Chondrex 1 mg/ml x 0.1 ml

Anti-Bovine HMGB1 IgY Antibodies

7064 Chondrex 1 mg/ml x 0.1 ml

Bovine mycobacterium bovis antibodies

QY-E60132 Qayee Biotechnology 96T

Rat Cathepsin Antibodies ELISA kit

E02C0695-192T BlueGene 192 tests

Rat Cathepsin Antibodies ELISA kit

E02C0695-48 BlueGene 1 plate of 48 wells

Rat Cathepsin Antibodies ELISA kit

E02C0695-96 BlueGene 1 plate of 96 wells

Phosphoserine (Set of 6 Antibodies)

abx023806-1Set Abbexa 1 Set

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DefinitionAntibodies are proteins produced in vertebrates in response to certain substances. Antibodies are an important part of humoral immunity (which is mediated by antibodies). They are part of the gammaglobulin fraction and are also called immunoglobulins (Ig). Antibodies are produced by the body when B cells come into contact with a corresponding antigen. The B […]

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