Oxidative Stress Antibodies Set | 5 antibodies

AS19-4294 Agrisera AB each

DNA Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191417-2x01mg MyBiosource 2x0.1mg

Lipase Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191421-4x01mg MyBiosource 4x0.1mg

Trypsin Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191422-3x01mg MyBiosource 3x0.1mg

Amylase Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191423-3x01mg MyBiosource 3x0.1mg

Digoxin Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191461-3x01mg MyBiosource 3x0.1mg

Phenytoin Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191449-5x01mg MyBiosource 5x0.1mg

Quinidine Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191451-5x01mg MyBiosource 5x0.1mg

Lidocaine Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191452-5x01mg MyBiosource 5x0.1mg

Imipramine Monoclonal Antibodies

MBS191446-3x01mg MyBiosource 3x0.1mg

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